Hi, I'm Nancy

I'm a single parent to two teenagers.  I live in New Jersey with my kids and my ragdoll cat, Lily.

I started researching college costs in earnest about 2 years ago, and thought- yikes!  Is it really impossible to get through college without borrowing a small fortune?

Well, it turns out that IS possible to get debt-free degrees, even in this day and age!  Even with a healthy six-figure income.

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If you've asked yourself any of the following questions, you've come to the right place!

  • Do people in our income bracket (six figure families) ever get financial aid?
  • Is it too late for us?   We haven't saved very much...are we doomed to taking out student loans?
  • Should I just co-sign loans for my kids?   Or maybe use money in my 401k?
  • I don't have a lot of time to research every possible scholarship out there....can you help?

Nancy McKenna

Single parent. Accountant. Personal Finance Geek.

Debt-Free Degree Strategist. 

“Student Debt will be the next bubble to burst

Nancy McKenna

Nancy McKenna Solutions

Fun Facts about Nancy:

I hates tattoos

Update:  After the death of my son, and when one of his friends got a tattoo in his honor, I decided that I should too.  Now I have his handsome face right on my arm where I can look at it all the time!

I don't believe in astrology or the lottery

I do believe in creating my own luck through planning and living with intention and purpose.  As Douglas MacArthur said "the best luck of all is the luck you make yourself"

Lego royal family

I'm a huge Anglophile

I love it all - Jane Austen, the Beatles, afternoon tea, gorgeous gardens..I've probably been to England dozens of times, but it's not enough!  (Here is a rendering of the Royal Wedding in Legos, at Hamleys on Regent St).

Chesapeake Bay home

I hope to retire on a waterfront property on the Chesapeake Bay.

I don't sail (yet), but I will. I also see myself kayaking, crabbing (maybe), bicycling and horseback riding.  Oh, and I also plan to take up the piano and tap dancing.

McKenna family at Virginia's first communion - Potomac, Maryland (I'm the youngest)

My parents put 7 kids through college

So surely I can get 2 kids through college without debt, right?

Yes, college cost less then, but still - 7 kids?  How did they do this? A variety of ways, really, but most of all, because they made it a priority.

They did something right.  It didn't happen accidentally.

Molly and Tommy in the tub

how can i let these two drown in student debt?

I started saving when they were babies.  A little at a time, but it sure does add up.

The trick is balancing college costs with saving for your own retirement.

Let me help you!

I can show you what I've learned - and help you avoid debt!

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