Nancy McKenna is an expert in helping parents get their kids through college without a student debt hangover. Nancy’s signature course, The Regret-Free Degree, teaches parents everything they need to know about helping their children avoid and manage student debt.

As a single parent and MBA with 30 years of accounting experience, Nancy has deeply studied the pitfalls of student loans and is passionate about helping middle-class families across the country achieve their education goals without falling into debt.  


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Media Pitch and Interview sheet

Suggested interview topics:

* People think it's impossible to get a degree these days without taking on
student debt. You disagree. Why?

* Is it true that people with six figure incomes can't get financial help? What sort
of financial aid can they get?

* What are your three top tips for families that haven't saved much for college?

* What are the most common/most expensive mistakes you see families make
that cause unnecessary student debt?

* What about loan forgiveness programs? Can't they help?

Nancy McKenna

Single parent. Accountant. Personal Finance Geek. Student Debt-Free Strategist.

Student debt will be the next financial bubble to burst”

after all, they can't take the degree back!

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